• Tunisie (2024)

أن تكون /Strata of being jusqu'au 30 juin 2024 (2024)

32Bis is delighted to announce Sana Chamakh’s first solo show

Strata of Being / أن تكون 

From April 19th to June 30th, 2024

Co-curated by Hela Djobbi and Salma Kossemtini


يسعد ال32بيس الإعلان عن المعرض الفردي الأول للفنانة سناء شامخ بعنوان :

أن تكون /Strata of being 

سيقام المعرض من 19 أفريل إلى 30 جوان 2024

قيّمتي المعرض: هالة الدجبي وسلمى قسمطيني

“Chamakh’s introspective journey leads her inward, sculpting and shaping her skin to provoke feeling, to evoke alternate realities. Like a keeper of her own consciousness, she screens through the fabric of her being, selecting pieces that resonate with her present persona.

The body keeps the score of these experiences; it 'knows' the event in its 'flesh' and is a living reminder of the happening and the emotions felt at that time. Just as the mind can be triggered to recall past events, so too does the body replay the past in the form of somatic symptoms. These symptoms are the stain of a history of emotions and trauma embedded within the tissues and form a dynamic unconscious memory system.”

Excerpt from the text of Salma Kossemtini