• Tunisie (2022)

Tumadhir's Walk (2022)

"[Kossentini and Sellami] worked with the spoken, rehearsed, mouthed, spelled language and at the same time intensified, as a material that ruled the work by directing Nicene's hand in her visual compositions and Alia's breath to sing her words. In total harmony, both led the orchestra. They composed, sometimes taking over the reins by intuition, to the same degree of sensitivity and synchronicity. Step by step, Kossentini and Sellami let themselves be guided by what the words made them undergo and communicate to them the matter of the plethora of possibilities in perceiving the reading journey of a word. From a thought, they accessed the language through the sensory that led to a common root that could grow different branches, graphically and what it conveyed vocally as a meaning."

Excerpt of text by Salma Kossemtini